At we inspire and enable our clients to achieve continuous and sustainable performance improvement by ensuring that we support sound decision-making principles and best-in-class project planning.

Many companies claim to practice what they preach, at we "We Teach What We Practice."


As specialists in sales, organizational and learning effectiveness, we are dedicated to creating and delivering world-class tools and programs to advance competency. Power Planning is one of the most valuable.


Power Planning is a formal program for improving strategic decision-making and simplifying the process for planning and completing practical business initiatives and tactical projects. Program participants leave with a profound understanding of both the "Seven Basics of Business Decision Making" and "SMART© Action Planning" along with a personalized program with all the worksheets and support needed to begin achieving results — often within first few hours!


All our Global Power Series workshops are designed to exploit another valuable resource that we find in every program — the wealth and value of business and adult life experiences of the other participants. Our programs usually have 20 participants who bring an average of 500 years of real-world experience. That's over $15 million in collected wisdom within the group to learn from by applying real examples of how to use our improved decision-making and business planning to avoid trouble and exceed expectations.

Any program for business should be based on sound business goals and objectives. You can't manage what you don't measure, so a planning program without measurements is no more likely to succeed than no planning program at all.


A good planning program can return as much as 300% improvements in net revenue within the first two years, and help to keep that increased profitability for years to come.

Power Planning can measurably increase bottom line results for companies by improving:


 Customer Satisfaction

 • Customer Retention

 • Customer Support

 • Corporate Competencies (People & Processes)


 Marketing Costs & Quality

 • Training Time & Costs

 • Faster Customer Acquisition

 • Fewer Total Sick Days


 Customer Loyalty Through Less Confusion & Better Understanding

 • Dispute Resolution & Costs

 • Merger & Acquisition Value & Customer Retention

 • Management & Leadership Enthusiasm, Commitment, Cooperation & Collaboration

 • Reducing Customer Complaints

 • Optimizing Project Management Time, Efforts & Costs For Bottom Line Results

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