sales.org Power Series enable our clients to select the right programs to create a consistent and transferable set of competencies across their organizations — to apply a global set of skills, learning, judgment, decision-making and business effectiveness practices into meaningful on-the-job processes directly related to increasing overall performance.

sales.org's Power Responding Clinic
sales, customer service and support roles is now available. Power Responding can eliminate up to 80% of all objections and complaints, before they are even raised!

Timing◊ Understand how and when it's best to respond to questions:

Now, Later, Before, and Never, four times to choose, means four chances to lose the customer.

Process◊ Four, Five or Six easy steps:

There are BIG differences between a customer with questions, objections, or complaints. How you handle each makes all the type of inquiry makes all the difference in earning customer trust, respect and business.

sales.org's Power Planning Program
corporate executives is now available for individual entrepreneurs!

Power Planning is the "one-two punch" for achieving top results in all your project and business decisions.

Decision Priorities ◊ [Risk-Rating Return On Investments (R2OI]

Applying the "Seven Basics of Business Decisions" to stay true to your business, your customer and yourself.

SMART© Action Planning

Five simple steps for creating a plan of action that ensures you achieve your business goals.

This six hour program empowers participants to understand how to make better business decisions, and how to quickly turn those decisions into business results!

sales.org's Power Mentoring Program
large enterprise is now available for small to mid-sized companies!

Mentoring is a formal program to informally access and advance the most valuable of human resources within every company — the business and adult life experiences of your workforce. For each 100 people you employ this averages between 2,000 and 3,000 years of collective experiences, as consumers, employees, coaches, managers, entrepreneurs, leaders, parents, children and friends. In employment terms, that's equivalent to $75,000,000 in collective experience and expertise just waiting to be added to the human capital value of your company.

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