The right stuff.

Success in business takes doing many things right, and failure can happen if only one thing goes wrong.


What is 'The right stuff'? ... Many business consultants will tell you it's the right products and services, produced for the right costs, and sold at the right price. Marketing consultants will tell you it's the right product, the right promotion, in the right place for the right price.
QA consultants will tell you it's the right quality from the right production after the right testing.


At,  while we will tell you that all of those are important, even essential to your success, we'll also tell you about the harder truth, it's all about the right people, with the right competency, in the right place, doing the right things at the right time.


Organizational Effectiveness is all about Organizational Competence.

It is the practical application of sales, service, support, learning, leadership, decision-making and all your other critical business principles. That's not achieved in a memo or a meeting,

it's achieved one good and competent person at a time.'s suite of products, services and tools enable you to steward your business efforts to achieve Organizational Competency.


With our online competency tests and your Hire Power programs we can empower your recruiters and managers to find the best people from outside and from within your company. Skills & Capabilities Assessments will enhance your:


 Recruiting & Selection

 • Alignment & Deployment

 • Development


 Performance Management

 • Management & Leadership

 • Employee & Customer Retention


Talent Pool Assessment

 • Succession Planning

 • Mergers & Acquisitions


Of course finding the right people is only the beginning; keeping the right people is your greatest challenge. Our suite of professional training and development program benefits include all these and the tools to help you identify what it takes to train, retain and inspire top performers.


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