We are specialists in sales, organizational and learning effectiveness, dedicated to creating and delivering world-class tools for assessing and developing skills, capabilities and competencies.

At sales.org we inspire and enable our clients to achieve continuous and sustainable performance improvement by helping them to identify and develop the right people for the right roles at the right time - people doing the right things and working toward the right results.


Our flagship product line, Skills & Capabilities Assessments, breaks new ground to help you assess your people's competency to apply key skills and capabilities —those judgments and actions that have been clearly linked to your business performance. We use a refreshingly direct approach, identifying the cause & effect relationships that answer the questions, "Will their actions likely result in:


Adding new business or customers?

Increasing your profitability?

Adding value to customer relationships?

Losing existing business or customers?

Placing your business or employee at risk?

Placing your customer at risk?

Meeting or compromising legal, compliance or regulatory requirements?"



Even though the results tell you how suitable an individual is for a role, we don't stop there. These assessments feed individualized SMART© Action Plans to quickly develop and improve the competencies that pay the biggest dividends to your business. These SMART© Action Plans can be integrated with your ongoing performance management, succession planning, career development and training programs to produce substantial and sustainable benefits for your organization.

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